About Virta

Founded by Scientists and Technologists, Focused on Outcomes

Virta was founded by world-leading doctors and scientists who have over 60 combined years of research, clinical and academic experience including managing over 6,000 patients and publishing over 300 papers.

Our team of experts has developed unique, science-based and personalized programs with the goal of not only treating but reversing the health challenge of our generation: type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Our programs are science-based nutritional interventions that are personalized and delivered by medical professionals. We are currently working with leading U.S. health care organizations to treat their diabetes and metabolic syndrome populations.

The total cost of treating diagnosed diabetes alone is well over $200 Billion per year in the U.S. Most of this cost is paid by the tax payers. Diabetes is a leading cause of death and along with metabolic syndrome may play a role in most deaths including cardiovascular events.

Regardless of why we ended up with an epidemic of these proportions, today’s solutions are clearly not working – the problem continues to grow in cost and more importantly in its human toll. Unfortunately, most medical professionals still believe that type 2 diabetes is incurable and that the best possible outcome is to slow the progression of the disease.

The long-term goal of our Virta team is to reverse diabetes in at least 100 Million people by 2025.


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If you’d like to join us in this effort, either as a customer, partner or team member, please get in touch. We are headquartered in San Francisco, California and backed by some of the most prominent institutional and individual investors.