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Have you heard of SOLE fitness? The guys make some great fitness devices. We met with Will McFarlane, one of the head honchos of SOLE and it was clear that he is committed to the quality of his treadmills and elliptical machines. He talked about headshake, stability, q-factor. I mean, I don’t know much about running anyway, but he made me feel like I had never used my feet before.

Anyway, everything about their treadmills and elliptical machines make you feel like the machine isn’t even there. It works around you and most of their features are only really appreciated by the hardcore runners.  And he has a marketing philosophy that is also very understated. They also have a great TV that can be used with their ellipticals and treadmills (or anywhere else for that matter) and they are going to be in DICK’s sporting goods across the country. He wanted to create a DVD that would show off the DVD player but also the machine’s that they stand beside.

So after a sight visit to Dicks we came together on a video that could speak for itself in a crowded store. We built one video as a commercial lead in and three others to show off the product.

First we cast some fitness models. Which meant we watched a bunch of incredibly fit people run and criticized their form (all of this coming from a guy who gets out of breath after clapping vigorously).

After we cast come great fitness models/actresses we shot the videos.  It was a fun shoot.  Travis and I got to drive illegally through mountain paths. He got to play with prime lenses, while I got to cast images on the wall.

Blair Kunz thought we were having so much fun in his studio that he snapped a few pictures of us. (Sure we have a studio too, but we needed to fit Glenn Fisk and his GIANT jib in as well)

Then Mike edited the body of the piece while Travis cut the open. Bryan put together some restrained motion graphics. In the end we had to use his DVD/TV combo as our line monitor since that was the final destination. It was a great opportunity to have a collaborative experience with a forward-moving company like SOLE and to develop something together. Now I just have to wait for the Holiday sales so I can practice my Jamiroquai moves on a treadmill, or maybe I will just recreate the OK Go video.

Click on the images below for a larger view.

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