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The Moment. Every sports fan knows about The Moment. Those instances where time slows down, almost seems to stop. Those instances where you hold your breath without even realizing it, your fists clenched, ready to be upraised in celebration. A three-point shot arcs toward the basket. A baseball meets the sweet-spot of the bat and […]

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There’s nothing easy about filming in the desert. You’re shooting under harsh conditions, dealing with an unpredictable and unforgiving climate, worrying about the unlikely but still terrifying idea of Sandworms, all while trying to harness the grandeur of Morocco or Tunisia or the Bonneville Salt Flats. If you’re anything like me you grew up dreaming […]

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Travis got his creative juices flowing when he was asked to shoot a commercial spot about energy juices – or actually we should say energy drinks. Ron Hill Imagery contacted Kineto to work on the advertisement for a new product called EVO – an antioxidant fortified positive energy drink. The one-day shoot took place at […]

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The experienced filmmakers and producers of Kineto Pictures know how to create award-winning film, television, and video content. Look no further than the Portfolio on the Kineto Pictures website for proof of that. The company’s collective talents don’t end there, however. One of the best kept (until now) secrets about Kineto Pictures is that they […]

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The camera rolls, and now my work begins It shall not end until “that’s a wrap” is called I shall stand steadfast at my post I am the sword that makes memorization unnecessary I am the shield that guards against the stumbled word My name is Bryton And I am a Teleprompter Operator. Teleprompter? What […]

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Back in March I worked with a couple producers to cover a segment of the The Colbert Report show called Nailed ‘Em.  We profiled a couple hard criminals from the projects- straight out of the hood in Highland Utah… rough neighborhood. These guys were busted by the cops for rapping their order at a McDonalds […]

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Whether you are using a professional video service like Kineto Pictures or producing your own web videos out of your office. Use these 5 tips to get more out of your videos. Specifically, web videos where you will be directly addressing your audience on camera. People spend a lifetime perfecting video techniques, but there are […]

Kineto Pictures Demo Reel #2
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This is Kineto Pictures’ second demo.

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Peanut Butter and Jelly, Peas and Carrots, Can I add Music and Movies to the list of things that go together? Jenny Oaks Baker is a talented violinist with a love for movies. Her recent Silver Screen Serenade highlighted some of her favorite movie scores. When the top brass at BYUTV got a hold of it […]

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With the recent news of Jesse James’ infidelities and the unraveling of his marriage to Sandra Bullock, it appears that the Curse of the Best Actress Award is alive and well.  In the last ten years, four of the winners were divorced within a year of winning the award. Such was the fate of Kate […]