Don’t miss the Moment

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The Moment. Every sports fan knows about The Moment. Those instances where time slows down, almost seems to stop. Those instances where you hold your breath without even realizing it, your fists clenched, ready to be upraised in celebration. A three-point shot arcs toward the basket. A baseball meets the sweet-spot of the bat and sails down the right field line, a home run… if it stays fair.  A running back weaves his way down field, dodging all defenders…when these moments pay off – they remind you of why you love sports in the first place. They remind you why you paid extra to be there live, celebrating with the crowd, high-fiving friends and hugging perfect strangers.

Part of the fun of live sporting events is the food. It’s not a ballgame without a signature hot dog or some smothered nachos. The problem is that if you go to get food, you could miss The Moment. The whole reason you’re there! Well a company called Mangia has introduced a new service where you can order food at the stadium from your phone, and have it delivered right to your seat. Mangia’s ad campaign is centered around those moments, and they hired Kineto Pictures to create a short commercial to help spread the word.

The shoot took place on a beautiful evening in late summer. The entire Kineto team and several talented freelancers gathered at Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy, Utah to capture the thrill of live sport. Dozens of extras filled the stands as the Kineto team built a platform for the camera and ran thousands of feet of cable throughout the stadium. The stadium lights are great for a game, but the unique needs of a film-shoot require extra lighting to get everything looking just right.

The extras showed up ready to cheer, some even going so far as to wear spandex body-suits or facepaint. Through the magic of film-making, the Kineto team was able to make a small section of people look like a full stadium of rowdy fans.

I figured they used extensive CGI, but after several inquiries I found out that Kineto used a much simpler method: don’t film the empty seats.

Assembling an exhibition NFL game would have been cost-prohibitive, so our crowd was cheering for a yellow flag instead.

The illusion might not have worked without the great direction from Damian. He urged the crowd on with a bullhorn and got them so pumped they may have been convinced they were watching a real game. Here he is in action while Travis checks out the camera set-up.

Here you can see Travis doing some directing of his own for a close-up shot.

The shoot wrapped moments before a rainstorm hit. The work wasn’t done when the cameras stopped though. Someone had to clean up the mess of spilled popcorn and scattered confetti! The Kineto crew and the Mangia team worked hard to leave the stadium in as good of condition as we found it in. It was difficult work and for that I dedicate this blog to the tireless men and women who clean up our stadiums every night.

Well, this blogger has to get going. I’ve actually been typing this entry from my usual spot in the bleachers, and my nachos have arrived.

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