It’s the end of the world as we know it…well in 2012

8th Dec 2009Posted in: Blog 0

As Field Producer and Set PA respectively, Travis and I and a crew from Ron Hill Imagery traveled to Jackson Hole, Wyoming back in October to interview some of the cast and crew of the new hit movie “2012” for SYFY. Just a couple actors you may have heard of in movies like “Better Off Dead“, “Say Anything” or maybe “The Whole Ten Yards“,or “Serenity“,”Children of Men“, what about “The Patriot” and “Independence Day“.

Thursday night was the press Pre-screening of the movie, and what a movie. You get about 10 minutes into it then you better hold on for the special effects ride of your life.

After setting up on the Friday for the interviews in the beautiful Four Seasons Hotel in Teton Village we were ready to deliver questions to, can I name drop here?… John Cusak, Amanda Peet, Chiwetol Eijofor and Director Roland Emmerich.

A short trip to Jackson Hole but a fun one. A chance to get to work for the SYFY channel, a two camera crew using Panasonic Varicam HDX900‘s and shot on a green screen for their 2012 special that aired just before the movie came out.

oh and I will just add… John Cusak can hold a boombox over his head on my front lawn anyday.

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