Kineto BBQ

26th Aug 2010Posted in: Blog 0

The experienced filmmakers and producers of Kineto Pictures know how to create award-winning film, television, and video content. Look no further than the Portfolio on the Kineto Pictures website for proof of that. The company’s collective talents don’t end there, however. One of the best kept (until now) secrets about Kineto Pictures is that they are also capable of producing a top-notch summer barbeque.

To commemorate the completion of a massive months-long multi-media project, Kineto employees, their families, and the freelancers who contributed to the project gathered at the park to celebrate another victorious campaign.

Travis Babcock, a natural-born producer, produced savory meats for all to enjoy, which filled the air with the smell of summertime.

Genevieve, our Australian Office Manager had some different ideas…

“That’s nota burger,”

Genevieve served up the Aussie Burger, topped with beets, grilled onions, bacon, pineapple (optional), and of course a fried egg.

The burgers looked bonzer and we couldn’t wait for the meat to come off the barbie so we could all bog in.

“THAT’S a burger!”

So, what’s the verdict Travis?

He likes it!

Good food, good company, good setting. What more could you ask for? Few things can match the satisfaction of kicking backand relaxing after making a deadline. But don’t relax too much, because with Kineto Pictures the next exciting project is always right around the corner!

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