Nectar of the Mayan Gods

4th Aug 2009Posted in: Blog 0

What a busy month June was. A big shoot in Mexico, editing the launch video for LifeVantage and starting one of two Microsoft projects was just the beginning.

Travis traveled to Cancun Mexico with Devin Graham and James Dayton to shoot an Apocalypto-style Mayan reenactment for the chocolate company Xocai in the beautiful backdrop of the Xcaret Eco Park. Travis directed a cast of 10 locals in costume, fire, torches, drums, conch shells and an ancient canoe in a ceremonial tribal scene where Cacao was harvested, prepared and offered to the Mayan gods. Scouting ancient temple sites, finding the Cacao pods, dodging Iguanas and keeping the chocolate from melting in the heat of the Mexican sun were just some of the many challenges. The boys used our Panasonic HVX-200 with a Cinemek G35 lens adapter, Zacuto rails/lens support, and 6 Nikon lenses lenses with a Micro Dolly to capture the action.

Overall it was a memorable shoot. Coming back to the office was the hardest thing after being in such and picturesque location.

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